Back to the T1D sport nutrition strategy drawing board

Cycling season has started and, unfortunately for me, my body is not a robot, and has decided last year’s T1D cycling nutrition strategy is no longer optimal. Here’s to working. through new strategies!

Tripping over T1D terminology

When you walk into the middle of a T1D conversation about “naked showers” and go beet red, only to learn days later that it’s yet another T1D terminology to add to the diabetes dictionary.

The first job with sport nutrition and T1D

My first professional speaking gig on sport nutrition with type-1 diabetes is booked and I am super stoked!!!

Covid-19 calls for running ‘fasted’ with T1D

With Covid-19 calling on me to do more fasted runs than I’m used to, I looked to the science for the T1D specific recommendations and then weighed those with reality.