From one T1D to another

About Me

I am a registered dietitian. I have Type-1 Diabetes. I understand. Together, we can help you achieve your diabetes and nutrition goals.

I have. To all of the above.

I am a former newspaper journalist turned registered dietitian. I am also a mom, an avid reader and movie watcher. I am a recreational long-distance runner, cyclist, and hiker. And, I have type-1 diabetes.

I was diagnosed with T1D in elementary school. I have experienced all levels of diabetes healthcare over the years.

I’ve experienced, first-hand, the gaps in the system:

  • As a young adult transitioning from parental care to self care, I was put in a 2-hour lecture style class of which 90% of the participants were older adults with type-2 diabetes.
  • In pregnancy, I was sent to a clinic that worked predominantly with gestational diabetes, and was educated on why my pancreas didn’t work even after telling the nurse I had the disease for 25 years.
  • In sport, I was flat out told we can’t help you, we don’t have that knowledge.

As a registered dietitian, with my unique background, I am helping to bridge those gaps.

I specialize in nutrition care for type-1 diabetes, including:

  • sport with T1D
  • transitioning from child to adult with T1D
  • pregnancy with T1D
  • child with T1D
  • adult with T1D
  • disordered eating and T1D
  • health at every size and T1D.

My practice incorporates evidence-based knowledge, experiential knowledge, and your knowledge to create unique nutrition plans that work for you.

"Your goals are my goals. I will not judge you. I will not bully you. I will work with you from start to finish. And if I can’t help you, I will strive to find someone who can."