Connected in Motion: a weekend of T1D community

Dear Connected in Motion,

Thank you.

Thank you for putting your trust in an unknown speaker and giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge of sport nutrition with type-1 diabetes.

Thank you for helping to further build my community of like-minded T1Ds.

Thank you for the amazing tips and tricks you gave me, not only from the presenters, but also the participants.

This weekend was incredible.

I was crazy nervous the last few days leading up to my Saturday morning webinar.

Pre-presentation nerves are common for me, but this time they were in super drive!

What if I forgot important information?

What if my head looked like a bobblehead on the screen?

What if my nervous tick of uhms annoyed the heck out of my audience and they all clicked off?

What if I just didn’t add up?

Yes folks, “imposter syndrome” was in full force.

Even though I have extensive knowledge in sport nutrition for type-1 diabetes, and even though I have mad skills in creating eye-popping slides, and presenting in a way that grabs the audience from the get-go, I still had thoughts of imposterism.

Psychologist and fellow speaker Michelle Sorenson’s tips on reframing and balancing the thought process sure would have been helpful at this point in time 😉

My presenting space: those biochemistry and physiology textbooks finally came in handy 😉

My presentation:

My webinar was presented via Zoom.

I am so grateful for my tech team.

They managed the chat function and polls, and any tech issues that came up, and also kept us on track with time. Pretty much the only job I had was to present, interact with participants, advance my slides, and answer questions.

Simple, right?

Hmm, well, I’m pretty positive my audience got a super close, giant, squinty view of my eye taking up the whole screen during some of the question and answer period!!!

I hadn’t yet mastered the gallery view, and was scrolling through the faces to try and spot who was talking when questions were asked, annnnnnnd pretty sure my face got super close to the screen while doing it.


Dear attendees, thank you so much for your polite etiquette – not bursting out laughing at my Zoom faux pas 😀

Other than that, the webinar went so well. My content was great. My delivery was smooth. We had a lot of back and forth interactions.

I loved it all!

The greatness of this community:

Connected in Motion set up a virtual Zoom “café” for the weekend. When we weren’t in sessions, we could hang out in this space with other like-minded T1Ds if so desired.

This is probably where I learned the most valuable information of the weekend.

No joke.

This is where I learned about Cavilon, a film that acts as a barrier to protect the skin from the Libre tape.

This is where I learned about the Quad Lock, a phone case that I can attach to my bike in the same way I attach my Garmin for easier access when wanting to check my blood sugars.

This is where I learned about the Sugarmate app (which I already knew about) having the ability to connect to Siri (which I didn’t know about) so that you can access your blood sugars by voice command: Hey Siri, what’s my blood sugars?

How freaking cool is that????

All of those tips and tricks came from simple comments I made.

I’d been experiencing an allergic reaction to my Libre the last few weeks, and that’s when Cavilon was suggested. I lamented the annoyances of having to pull my phone out to check my blood sugars when on my bike, and that’s when Quad Lock was brought up. I shared my desires for an app that would automatically tell me my blood sugars at certain time intervals on the bike or while running and that’s when SugarMate and Siri were mentioned.

I love this community.

I love the knowledge of this community.

I love the connectedness of this community.

I love that my glass is feeling so full right now 😀



















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