The first job with sport nutrition and T1D

Do you remember your first job after graduating university? Do you remember the call informing you of the hire? Do you remember your first day? Do you remember your nerves? Do you remember your excitement?

Dear readers, today I am going to share with you that moment for me.

On May 2, I will be speaking at the Connected in Motion Virtual Slipstream weekend retreat.

Can you guess what my webinar topic will be 😀


This is my first professional speaking gig and I am totally stoked to be a part of it.

Connected in Motion is an organization that has built a supportive community of like-minded active individuals with type-1 diabetes, just like you and me, through peer-based, experiential diabetes education, sport, and outdoor adventure.

I am one of several other professional speakers in the diabetes sport community participating in this event. There are names that I recognize, names that I’ve followed in the DOC for years, and now I’m one of those names.

This is just a small sample of the speakers!

Seriously, how cool is that?!

I don’t know if this feeling of giddiness will ever go away. History says it probably will with time and years of work and pay cheques under my belt. But I sure as heck hope it doesn’t anytime soon because right now it feels pretty freaking fantastic!

When I saw that picture of me on the website last week, when I saw that bio next to my name, a huge smile washed over my face.

Even now, days later, I see it or think about it and I smile.


I am proud.

I have worked so hard for this goal of becoming a registered dietitian for athletes and active people with type-1 diabetes. And I am SO close to achieving it. There are days right now where I feel all sorts of frustration having my practicum indefinitely put on hold, especially so close to completion, just 14 weeks left to go. But this is a light in the darkness.

My knowledge is being recognized. My knowledge is being valued. My knowledge is being shared with the specific community I intend to be working with.

And that’s pretty awesome.

I have had my eye on this organization for years, hoping to one day be a participant. One of my T1D besties went to a slipstream in Ontario years ago and I remember emailing the group begging them to come to BC. When I became a full-time student, I thought the CIM slipstreams were out of my grasp – until this opportunity fell into my lap.

Initially it was supposed to be an in-person weekend retreat held at Camp Jubilee on Indian Arm, but Covid-19 kiboshed those plans.

I am so grateful the organization was forward thinking in creating this virtual retreat.

If you have type-1 diabetes, and you haven’t already registered, check out the website. I’d love to know a few of you were out there with me 😀

For more information, click the link:

7 thoughts on “The first job with sport nutrition and T1D”

  1. Congratulations Katie! You have worked so very hard for so many years while maintaining your diabetes! Well deserved that you have now been recognized for your accomplishments! Enjoy the moment!! ????

  2. You did awesome Katie! Really great presentation and lots of good information! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. SilviMichelle

    Great job Katie! Really well presented and so much good information 🙂 Thanks so much!

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