plantar fasciitis

Nutrition strategies to heal plantar fasciitis and other sports injuries

Sports injuries are not fun, especially when they take years to recover from. In this post, Katie Bartel RD provides nutrition tips to help accelerate the healing process

The Pickle Ruins

Suck in, squeeze, breathe. Suck in, squeeze, breathe. The warm wind washing my face, freedom. The light tapping of my shoes as they hit the pavement, freedom. My thoughts, not on my surroundings, but on every movement I make, every twitch of my left foot, every second without a fiery scream, freedom. After weeks of no running, none, and hardly any walking, today my feet were finally given permission to once again feel the security of their sneakers totally enclosing their flesh. And the freedom, ohhhh the freedom. It wasn’t Chariots of Fire or Gonna Fly Now or even Survivor filling the music in my heart. Nope, I had full on George Michael: FREEDOM!!!!!! For several weeks, almost as long as I’ve been absent from the blog, I have been encumbered by a foot injury. It is still unclear as to what exactly that injury is. I initially thought it …

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Plan B

I didn’t puke, but oh man, I thought for sure I’d pee my pants. Yesterday morning I discovered I was going up in a plane for work; a fast-paced, high-flying, stomach-stuck-in-your-throat aerobatic plane. And while I love roller-coasters, no roller-coaster I have ever been on has outlined a Plan B – involving a parachute no less! – prior to boarding “in case of catastrophe!” The pilot, Super Dave, (seriously, he had to pick that name? I’m already freaking out and now I’m thinking of Super Dave Osborne’s many failed stunts) kept trying to tell me how to work the parachute, telling me it was important to look at the lever before pulling, and I kept saying “But we’re not going to have to use that right? Right?” Note to self: next time I fly, don’t wear a skirt … in my defense, I did not know when I dressed that …

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