Diabetes dietitian

The facts on type-1 diabetes and diets

Katie Bartel, a registered dietitian and person with T1D, explores the hot topic of dieting for managing type-1 diabetes, and explains her personal and evidence-based reasons for not endorsing the diet culture

Registered dietitian Katie Bartel reflects on 34 years with type-1 diabetes

Type-1 Diabetes: the 34-year diaversary

Katie Bartel’s type-1 diabetes turns 34 today. In this “diaversary” themed post, the registered dietitian takes time to reflect on the achievements she’s had with type-1 diabetes constantly at her side.

Salmon: calculating mealtime insulin dose using fat-protein units

Calculating the ‘fat-protein’ math for type-1 diabetes

Registered dietitian Katie Bartel walks us through how to calculate insulin for high fat-protein meals using fat-protein units