D to D: The First Podcast

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What podcasts do you listen to?

That was the question posed to me the first day of my audio storytelling course last semester. And my response may have thrown my profs for a bit of a loop.

I didn’t list off Serial or This American Life or Reply All or anything, really.

Well, I said, I actually don’t like podcasts.

Whaaaaaaaat? Cue the collective gasp!

Yet, here I was starting my first day of a beast of six-course semester in a podcast course. An elective course that I knew I had to take when I was planning my courses upon entry into the dietetics major two years earlier.

You see, although I wasn’t a fan of podcasts, I’d listened to so many that just blathered on, and had interviewers talking more about themselves than telling the stories of their interviewees, I felt with my journalism background, I could do better. I had the storytelling, But I needed the technological ins and outs of podcast development.

This course was going to give me that.

This course was going to help me be a better podcaster.

And this podcast, so appropriately titled Diabetic 2 Dietetics, is the product of that course. Like my website, my first podcasting adventure is all about sport and type-1 diabetes: the challenges, the successes, the whys – so many whys. You’ll hear my story, as well as the story of 2 incredible athletes, plus a superstar endocrinologist who also is into sport and has type-1 diabetes.

Have a listen and let me know what you think:

Ps. I have since listened to Serial (I loved the first season, didn’t really glom onto the second season); Start Up (loved the first season, didn’t like the second); This American Life (enjoy some, not so much others); Chernobyl (amazing); Special Sauce with Ed Levine (I highly recommend the Rick Bragg episode; although some of the elements annoyed me, Rick Bragg is an amazing storyteller and some of the elements with his mom were just super special!); and I’ve just started listening to Let Us Eat Cake.

So, what podcasts do YOU listen to?

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