Diabetic2Dietetics: A New Journey

Katie Bartel - the journey

Seven years ago.

It was seven years ago I first announced to the world (via princessofpavement.com) my intentions of switching careers; I was moving on from the every day excitement of journalism in favour of a life advocating nutrition. I remember your words of encouragement, the excitement you had for me, and one plea in particular to not stop writing. I promised you all I would keep up with the blog. This new change would not slow me down, oh no.

Oh yes.

Seven years ago I was barely married; did not have a child; had only just signed up for my first online, high-school courses and had not yet begun full-time studies. I was good for awhile, but gradually, then quickly, the blog fell off.

My last post was almost two years ago.

I’ve thought long and hard about what to do with princessofpavement.com. Do I shut it down like so many of my fellow beloved bloggers before me? Do I blame my studies (ahem, biochemistry!) or my responsibilities as a mom to a now almost seven year old as reason for leaving my love of writing behind? Or, do I inject fresh, new energy – life!!! – into it?

Life, that is what I’m going to do.

Welcome to Diabetic 2 Dietetics, a website all about type-1 diabetes, sport with type-1 diabetes, and my journey to becoming a registered dietitian for athletes and active people with type-1 diabetes.

I am a former newspaper journalist, a long-distance runner, recreational cyclist and hiker. I have type-1 diabetes; I was diagnosed as a child, and I strive to live as balanced as I can with this disease I like to call Dear Diabetes. This September, I’ll be entering my practicum year of the UBC Dietetics major with the intent of becoming a RD for athletes and active people with type-1 diabetes.

That has always been my goal.

Diabetic 2 Dietetics is a journey through type-1 diabetes, sport with type-1 diabetes, school and work with type-1 diabetes, parenting with type-1 diabetes, life in general with type-1 diabetes. I’m going to share with you my personal experiences living with this disease, the experiences of others I’ve been fortunate to interview, as well as relevant research and evidence-based nutritional tips related specifically to T1D and sport.

There’s going to be written posts, vlogs, and podcasts. It’s going to be a thrill of ride!

I’m back baby!

*** All Princess of Pavement posts have been transferred to Diabetic 2 Dietetics for easy, one-stop-shop accessibility ***

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