knee injury

Not the boss of me

When power gels and energy drinks fail you, there’s really only one thing left to do: Dig into your chocolate drawer 😀 Four months ago I gave up on gels as a source of fuel for my runs, not letting one drop of that nasty goop pass through my lips ever since my last marathon. Those suckers were evil, torturing my insides, cramping my stomach up so bad, I spent the majority of my runs with a vomit-filled feeling creeping all the way up into the back of my throat. Not cool. I then tried the Hammer Perpetuem drink as a fuel replacement. It started out promising, not wreaking havoc on my belly, not wreaking havoc on my blood sugars. However, once my mileage started increasing beyond 13 km, so did my blood sugars. My last long run ended with an 18.something BG. Not cool. So yesterday, my first long …

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Pain before gain

Note to self: Do not EVER plan an event. About a month ago I had organized a run for my girls and I along the Seawall. I even made a Facebook page of it! I hadn’t run with any of them in so long as we’re all on different training schedules and I figured it would be a great opportunity to bring us all together again. The event – Run with Royalty – was scheduled for Sunday. You will note, I did not run Sunday. That’s because I injured my knee; tweaked it two weeks prior to the run, full on injured it a week prior, thus causing me to cancel 🙁 With no running, I got lots of ‘artistic’ time on my hands (much to Mario’s chagrin I’m sure) 😉 I was mortified. Not because I couldn’t run necessarily, and not because I was worried that my training would be …

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