Pain before gain

Note to self: Do not EVER plan an event.

About a month ago I had organized a run for my girls and I along the Seawall. I even made a Facebook page of it! I hadn’t run with any of them in so long as we’re all on different training schedules and I figured it would be a great opportunity to bring us all together again. The event – Run with Royalty – was scheduled for Sunday. You will note, I did not run Sunday. That’s because I injured my knee; tweaked it two weeks prior to the run, full on injured it a week prior, thus causing me to cancel 🙁

With no running, I got lots of ‘artistic’ time on my hands (much to Mario’s chagrin I’m sure) 😉

I was mortified. Not because I couldn’t run necessarily, and not because I was worried that my training would be hampered by injury, because I’m not. The half marathon I’m training for – Nike Women’s in San Francisco – is still five weeks away, and I’ve got a good solid base, that I know if I just keep my fitness up with cycling and aqua jogging for two to three weeks (no running!) to allow my knee to mend, I’ll be fine come race day. But what I was mortified with was the canceling of this run.

When I first broached the idea of Run with Royalty, my girls thought I was the royalty in the name, but actually, for me, they were the royals. It’s like being invited to the palace, or to a sleepover with Harry and then having the invite rescinded at the very last second. Not cool.

I blame the prescheduling!


  • 9 p.m. BG before: 6.4 (2 crackers, no bolus)
  • Temp. basal: -100 per cent (1 hour)
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • 10 p.m. BG after: 2.9 (orange juice)
  • Temp. basal +50 per cent (1/2 hour)

And just my luck, I go and injure my knee and both my physio and massage therapist go on holidays, so I’m stuck suffering for days, before finally getting in to see the massage therapist yesterday. I described to him what was going on and the Chatty McChatterson (I think he likes to hear his voice; good thing I’ve mastered the I’m paying attention look when I’m totally not) spends 45 minutes kneading away at my knee. The sore one. And I got to be honest, I’m somewhat dubious about the results. I’ve never had a problem with this guy before, he knows his stuff real good, but I went into that appointment with 5 days of no knee pressure, but walked out of there with a knee on bloody fire. And today, it feels massively bruised to the touch. Mario thinks maybe it’s the pain before the gain strategy.

I freaking well hope he’s right because I’m on a bloody wait list until OCTOBER before I can see my physio! Oh crud!

6 thoughts on “Pain before gain”

  1. BOO!
    to all of it! the cancelled run, the knee revolting, all of it.
    I can totally sense your pissed-off-ness and I would be too. Keep up some spirits though, you’ve still got time and the royalty run has just been postponed.

  2. Oh Katie, Scully is right the run is only postponed. You are going to rock SanFran. You have an amazingly solid base. Keep your spirits high, you are one tough cookie:-)

  3. Dear Princess:
    You are a silly girl. We will run the seawall together soon enough. San Francisco is our focus right now. Someone else, who lives in Calgary, has a sore knee too! Our race approach may be altered. She thinks wine and more wine may be the fuel of choice………
    Hugs & xx

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