cross training

Day of reckoning

I had a lot of things I needed to get done this weekend, but instead I embraced a True Blood marathon. I blame the bike trainer. Saturday morning, after laboriously cleaning the upstairs portion of our condo (my portion … of which I’d really like to hire a maid for, but Mario, the only man on the face of this earth who seems to actually love cleaning, balks at the idea :() I put on my cycling shorts, stuck True Blood in the Blu Ray player, and started pedaling. When I finished, I hopped into the shower fully intending to get a move on with my errands of the day. But then, out of nowhere, the ass magnet in my couch, pulled me down and wouldn’t let me back up again. Five episodes of Season 2 later, I was dreaming vampires! SATURDAY’S TRAINER: 11 a.m. BG before: 4.6 (4 sugar …

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Pain before gain

Note to self: Do not EVER plan an event. About a month ago I had organized a run for my girls and I along the Seawall. I even made a Facebook page of it! I hadn’t run with any of them in so long as we’re all on different training schedules and I figured it would be a great opportunity to bring us all together again. The event – Run with Royalty – was scheduled for Sunday. You will note, I did not run Sunday. That’s because I injured my knee; tweaked it two weeks prior to the run, full on injured it a week prior, thus causing me to cancel 🙁 With no running, I got lots of ‘artistic’ time on my hands (much to Mario’s chagrin I’m sure) 😉 I was mortified. Not because I couldn’t run necessarily, and not because I was worried that my training would be …

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Damage done

Why is it when you get a paper cut, stinging lemon juice instantly finds its way inside? Or when you have a cavity, your tongue is constantly drawn to the aching decay? Or when you smoke yourself in the ankle so hard you draw blood, your shoed foot continues to do so until you’re belaboured with a nasty ass stress fracture? On Sunday, that oh-so-glorious run day, I did just that. Smoked my ankle. And oh man did it smart. For like half a minute I swear it felt as though a boulder had smashed down on it! But I refused to stop running. I wasn’t a baby, I was going to keep on going, wincing and all. Well, that first collision resulted in two more collisions, each more painful than the first. It wasn’t until I ended my run that I dare I looked at the damage done. It …

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