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Diabetes cure: here we go again

It’s a plane. It’s a rocket. It’s a CURE FOR DIABETES!!! No. Wait. It’s not. I am late to this blog topic table, like really late, and quite frankly, I’m completely okay with that. You see, I am not as ingrained into the diabetes online community as maybe I should be. My blog roll isn’t bursting with diabetes-related blogs, just a handful really, and for the most part, I tune into the Twitterverse in peaks and valleys. And so, when the events of last week unfolded, with regards to a supposed major cure breakthrough, I was completely, totally, 100 per cent out of the loop. In fact, because my eyes and brain have been so focused on studying for my chemistry final (seriously, whoever thought that language up must have been on crack) I’ve even fallen behind on the blogs I do read, and so, it wasn’t until late last …

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Unlocking the T-1 shackles

A Cure… It would mean I could live freely without people looking at me with pity in their eyes, or telling me tales about their grandma who had her foot amputated because of diabetes, or of a friend of a friend whose blood sugars went so low while in the shower, he passed out and drowned, or of an acquaintance who had a heart attack while pregnant because of her diabetes… It would mean I could eat freely without others telling me how to eat, that I could reach for a piece of chocolate, or a cookie, or a scoop of ice cream without family members, friends and strangers – all with outdated information – questioning, and or admonishing, whether it wise I ingest such sweet treats… It would mean I could run freely without worrying about my blood sugars crashing, or having to calculate how much to reduce my …

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Do not try this at home

I’ve always said I’m special, like super, higher-evolved special. I mean, I never had any wisdom teeth and in the future they won’t have any either. And the fact that I don’t have a working pancreas is further proof that I’m higher evolved; future beings, they won’t require the use of a pancreas either – insulin will be a thing of the past. But now, I’m beginning to think I’m a freaking miracle – like grow a new pancreas miracle! I kid you not, if you saw the state of my blood sugars lately, you wouldn’t be thinking this is crazy talk. Lows. Lows. Lows. And it’s not because I’m pumping myself full of unnecessary insulin, or because I’ve gone on a crash diet and am suddenly starving myself, quite the opposite in fact. My total daily insulin doses have decreased, and if anything, my calorie intake has increased trying to keep …

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