Mama’s Shoes Don’t Fit

Last week I was put in the shoes of my moms for probably the first time ever. Okay, yes, I have a child just like she did (although, I’m only doing it once, not four times over) and some of you may relate that to walking in her shoes. But for me and my moms, it wasn’t until last week that I truly felt what it was like to walk in her shoes. I didn’t like it. So here’s the back story: Lightening Bolt’s parents were in the hospital awaiting the arrival of Baby Number 4 (who by the way has the BEST video game name ever) and I was charged with insulin injecting duties for little LB. Something to do with me having the disease, going 28 years of injections, you know, being veteran T-1 and all. And at first I thought no problem. But then the cogs in …

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Singing hallelujah

Ohhh Lordy. Yes, on a day where I was blessed with that beautiful autumnal God light on my way to work this morning (sorry no pics, probably not safe to whip out the camera while driving) it feels only proper to tap into my religious roots. And by religious, I mean, holy hell I saw my life flash before my eyes multiple times tonight – MULTIPLE TIMES!!! For all of you out there who think aqua jogging is wimpy, think again. I was almost drowned tonight not once, not twice, but five times, once by the lane dividers while life guards were dividing up the lanes, and three times by a demon swimming chick who thought it prudent to start speed swimming right in my line of jogging. Uhm, okay, maybe I’ll just tread some water here as you smash your left arm down onto my head. Thanks for that. …

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Experiment. Day 2.

Diabetes pic a post #2: Waking up with a morning low is NOT a good way to start the day. (The blur could be the result of low lighting or my spastically shaky hands, which is a common low BG symptom.) For a girl who doesn’t like change, I’m sure doing a lot of it lately. For almost two years my belly has been the go-to locale for my infusion sites, and for the 22 years prior to that, it was the number 1 spot for my injection sites. That’s not a good thing. Skin tissue that is repeatedly poked and prodded and injected full of stuff in the same spot builds up scar tissue which if you build up enough can pretty much deform your body. But here’s the deal, I’ve got a buddha belly, always have, and it is a prime spot for finding a good wad of …

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