Singing hallelujah

Ohhh Lordy.

Yes, on a day where I was blessed with that beautiful autumnal God light on my way to work this morning (sorry no pics, probably not safe to whip out the camera while driving) it feels only proper to tap into my religious roots.

And by religious, I mean, holy hell I saw my life flash before my eyes multiple times tonight – MULTIPLE TIMES!!!

For all of you out there who think aqua jogging is wimpy, think again. I was almost drowned tonight not once, not twice, but five times, once by the lane dividers while life guards were dividing up the lanes, and three times by a demon swimming chick who thought it prudent to start speed swimming right in my line of jogging. Uhm, okay, maybe I’ll just tread some water here as you smash your left arm down onto my head. Thanks for that. And how about that time she was backwards swimming right bloody well through me. And the multiple times her legs were kicking into my freaking hips. Seriously, her legs + my hips = WTF bruises! Are you kidding me?

But the worst of it, oh man, I am so freaking ashamed to be putting this out for all to see, but it must be said, it must. Are you ready? Are you prepared? ARe you sitting? Okay… here goes: I… swallowed… pee water! Big gulp swallowed it, like right down my esophagus to a point of no return. Oh. My. God.


  • 5:15 p.m. BG before: 8.1
  • Temp. basal: -100 per cent (1 hour)
  • Distance: 4 sets of 4 lanes in the deep end with one long lane in between each set
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • 6:30 p.m. BG after: 3.4
  • Temp. basal: +50 per cent (1/2 hour)

So I met up with my favourite ironchickie tonight for another installment of our hardcore aqua jogging sessions. I have a suspicion, given her excitement at discovering a book with a chapter on AJ drills, these sessions might very well get even more hardcore in the  near future. But hey, after tonight, I’m prepared for anything!

As we were chatting away, trying to avoid the demon chick around us, ironchickie starts telling me this story, a funny story, a full-bodied, laugh-out-loud story, and just as my mouth opens to barrel out a hearty laugh, a gush of pool water splashes up (no doubt due to the demon chick) right into my mouth. I started hacking, gulping for clean air, trying to get the pee water out, but it was so fast, it was already down in my belly before my brain could even register a reactionary spit. From there, the thought of potential germs, viruses, diseases took over my brain: parasites? amoebas? hepatitis? e. coli? worms? cholera? dysentery? Oh my!

Favourite ironchickie, with a grim look on her face, tried to ease my worries: “Least it’s full of chlorine,” she said. “Surely that’ll kill it all.”  I can only pray.

And so, because of today’s heart stopper of a session (which was followed up with throbbing thighs and butt cheeks) I have decided to no longer refer to our AJ sessions as aqua jogging, but rather water running – oh yeah, way more hardcore 😉

Have you seen the new $100 bill that was released yesterday on World Diabetes Day, which was apparently also Superhero Banting’s birthday. An old-school vial of insulin, front and centre. Props to the superheros!

8 thoughts on “Singing hallelujah”

  1. Sorry about making you laugh and swallow pee water, I promise to try my absolute best to be extremely serious from now on, no laughing allowed at AJ!;–)

    1. I don’t think that’s possible Miss Hilz 😉 And besides that story HAD to be told and in the exact way it was told… I’ve been retelling it all day!

    1. Yep it snowed, but hardly at all… more rain than anything, which was no fun for the drive home. Although, shockingly, there wasn’t any drama on the road so that was good. Miss you xoxo

  2. I recommend that the next time that the rude swimmer chick comes anywhere near your lane you just off and preemptively punch her in the head and follow it up with a quick “Oops! Sorry…” and a smirk. I bet that will do the trick.

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