Diabetes Awareness Month

Unlocking the T-1 shackles

A Cure… It would mean I could live freely without people looking at me with pity in their eyes, or telling me tales about their grandma who had her foot amputated because of diabetes, or of a friend of a friend whose blood sugars went so low while in the shower, he passed out and drowned, or of an acquaintance who had a heart attack while pregnant because of her diabetes… It would mean I could eat freely without others telling me how to eat, that I could reach for a piece of chocolate, or a cookie, or a scoop of ice cream without family members, friends and strangers – all with outdated information – questioning, and or admonishing, whether it wise I ingest such sweet treats… It would mean I could run freely without worrying about my blood sugars crashing, or having to calculate how much to reduce my …

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Where I belong

Forget dressing up as a princess; I’m already one of those. Forget Hermoine Granger’s book bags and wizardry outfits. Forget even painting my face Smurfette blue. This year for Halloween I dressed up as a marathoner, and took full opportunity to go trick-or-treating. And by trick-or-treating, I mean running of course. Wait a sec, you’re thinking, she already told us this, yesterday, the day of. Yes, I did. But I did not tell you the significance of yesterday’s run. Two things: 1) It was my first run since Tiffany. 2) It was Mario’s first run since the start of cycling season. Let’s start with me first, because, well, I like to talk about me 😉 Before leaving the loft, Mario looked at me in my shorts and two technical shirts with concern all over his face. You do realize it’s cold out there, he said. I nodded. Like freezing cold, …

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