hemoglobin A1C

Hitting a nerve

It seems I may have hit a nerve with my numbers on a scale post a few days ago, and you know what, I’m glad I did. Because while I knew in my heart that I was doing everything right (I mean, seriously, a girl that eats this much salad while pregnant can’t be in the wrong) on the surface I was beginning to second guess my actions with Ms. Dietitian’s criticism of my weighty outcomes. Despite my hemoglobin A1c (three-month average blood sugar reading) being a consistent 5.5, which is pretty darn good, and despite my veering away from my love of chocolate and ice cream for the most part throughout the duration of this pregnancy, and massively mowing down on salads galore, when I heard Ms. Dietitian’s words telling me that my weight was far too weighty, all logic flew right out of my head. I started thinking …

Hitting a nerve

Where I belong

Forget dressing up as a princess; I’m already one of those. Forget Hermoine Granger’s book bags and wizardry outfits. Forget even painting my face Smurfette blue. This year for Halloween I dressed up as a marathoner, and took full opportunity to go trick-or-treating. And by trick-or-treating, I mean running of course. Wait a sec, you’re thinking, she already told us this, yesterday, the day of. Yes, I did. But I did not tell you the significance of yesterday’s run. Two things: 1) It was my first run since Tiffany. 2) It was Mario’s first run since the start of cycling season. Let’s start with me first, because, well, I like to talk about me ­čśë Before leaving the loft, Mario looked at me in my shorts and two technical shirts with concern all over his face. You do realize it’s cold out there, he said. I nodded. Like freezing cold, …

Where I belong