Telus: supporting my faulty pancreas

Last week I finally attended my very first blogging conference; it only took 3 years to get an invite, no biggie šŸ˜‰ Bloggers and Brands hosted the free conference, last Tuesday, for Vancouver area bloggers at the VanCity Theatre with the premise of connecting bloggers with brands. Basically, an avenue to help us bloggers down a path towards making money with our blogs. I’ll be honest, when I first learned of this conference, I was skeptical. I was unsure how the list of sponsors (Telus, Canadian Beef and Canadian Chicken) would fit in with the focus of Princess of Pavement. I don’t know, maybe it’s the old-time journalist in me holding onto the ideals of not selling out, which at first glance, I thought this would lean towards. But, just as running did for me so many years ago (I was the girl who used to make fun of runners …

Telus: supporting my faulty pancreas

Unlocking the T-1 shackles

A Cure… It would mean I could live freely without people looking at me with pity in their eyes, or telling me tales about their grandma who had her foot amputated because of diabetes, or of a friend of a friend whose blood sugars went so low while in the shower, he passed out and drowned, or of an acquaintance who had a heart attack while pregnant because of her diabetesā€¦ It would mean I could eat freely without others telling me how to eat, that I could reach for a piece of chocolate, or a cookie, or a scoop of ice cream without family members, friends and strangers – all with outdated information – questioning, and or admonishing, whether it wise I ingest such sweet treatsā€¦ It would mean I could run freely without worrying about my blood sugars crashing, or having to calculate how much to reduce my …

Unlocking the T-1 shackles