Beyond Type 1

Trials and Triumphs of T1D and Sport

Sport with diabetes is all about trial and error. What worked for you last week may not work for you today, and what worked for you today may not work for you tomorrow. And you know what, as frustrating as it can be – believe me! – it’s okay. Because we will figure it out again – just as long as we keep trying.

Diabetic2Dietetics: A New Journey

Seven years ago. It was seven years ago I first announced to the world (via my intentions of switching careers; I was moving on from the every day excitement of journalism in favour of a life advocating nutrition. I remember your words of encouragement, the excitement you had for me, and one plea in particular to not stop writing. I promised you all I would keep up with the blog. This new change would not slow me down, oh no. Oh yes. Seven years ago I was barely married; did not have a child; had only just signed up for my first online, high-school courses and had not yet begun full-time studies. I was good for awhile, but gradually, then quickly, the blog fell off. My last post was almost two years ago. I’ve thought long and hard about what to do with Do I shut it down …

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