Freestyle Libre the Music Maker

What is your insulin pump?

Is it just a plain, old insulin pump serving all your type-1 diabetes needs?

Or, is it a cell phone?

Is it a pager?

Is it an mp3 player?

Over the years, ever since going on an insulin pump, I’ve had it mistaken for all of the above. Once, I was even challenged in an exam that it was a calculator.

Uhm, no, but that would have been totally cool, I’m thinking.

The most recent query I had about my Freestyle Libre, hands down, tops the awesomeness list.

My new, tech-loving friend pointed to my arm with a look of awe and wonderment:

Is that a music player, he asked.

I looked at my sensor. I looked at him. I nearly burst out laughing. And then I, too, was filled awe.

Holy hell, I wish it was, I said.

How freaking cool would that be – a flash sensor spewing out BG readings and music?!?!

I wish.

Let me just plug my earbuds in here 😉

I wish for a lot of things with my technology.

A couple of months ago I posted my diabetes technology wishlist on Instagram and I felt it pertinent to do so here as well because the more awareness we put out there maybe the quicker we’ll get our needs tended to.

So here goes:

I wish for a CGM or flash sensor that will talk to me when I’m in the midst of sport. I want it to tell me at various intervals what my blood sugars are doing. I want it to tell me when it’s normal. I want it to tell me if it’s trending up or down. And I really want it to have a cool-sounding voice too, you know, like Basil Fawlty 😉

I want my Omnipod to have voice commands. I want to be able to tell it to back off on the insulin or increase if need be.

Essentially, I want Alexa for my diabetes.

For those of you without this disease, you may be wondering why would I want all this. After all, I can see my BG trends on the Libre screen when I flash it over the sensor, and those with Dexcom can see it on their phones. I can also press a few buttons on my Omnipod and insulin gets injected or basal gets reduced for a time.

But here’s the thing, when I’m on the bike, in order to see my blood sugars I have to pull the Libre out of my back pocket and physically swipe it over my sensor – while trying to ride in a straight line and not topple over.

Not exactly the easiest thing to do.

It would be SO much easier if I could just call out to my diabetes tech mid ride!

It is more manageable when running, but stil not all that convenient.

Think about other sports: rowing, hockey, soccer, dragonboating, rugby – all are challenged when T1D is in the mix.

I love our technology. I love that I have a girlfriend who literally glows when she sees or hears my bionic diabetesness. But it can be better.

So. Much. Better.

If phones can operate by voice command, why can’t my diabetes technology?

If Apple watches can operate by voice command, why can’t my diabetes technology?

If my husband’s 4K TV, for goodness sake, can operate by voice command, why the heck can’t my diabetes technology?

Why can’t my insulin pumps and sensors better serve me in sport?

Is that so much to ask for?

Nope, I don’t think so.


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