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Flashback Post: The Flaming Pins

There was once a time, long before I was happily set up with my Freestyle Libre, when I wouldn’t leave the house without a glucometer, finger pricker, lancets and test strips. And there was once a time I locked all that in my car just as I was about to embark on a 32 km training run – and my keys were locked in a building of which I had no access to.

The flip book disorder

Holy freak, what have I gotten myself into. It’s 20 minutes to 11, and I am in total freak out mode. As I should be. In less than 24 hours, I will be in front of a video camera, answering interview questions. What the frick? I am the one who does the interviews – and not in front of a camera. There’s a reason I did NOT go into broadcast journalism. Does the word “uhm” have any meaning for you? Well it does for me! About a month ago, my super fit, B3 girlfriend who has the hottest, most enviable abs I ever did see, asked if I’d be willing to sit for an interview for her blog – all about marathon training. Seems simple enough right. I mean, I’ve trained for a couple marathons, even more half marathons, and have been running for a handful of years now. It’s a topic …

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