Diabetic to Dietetics: the podcast

Diabetic to Dietetics podcast sharing the stories of people with type-1 diabetes

People with type-1 diabetes have stories to tell – so MANY stories. And, as a person with type-1 diabetes and a diabetes dietitian, I am here to tell them 🙂

Friends, I have embarked on a new podcast project: Diabetic to Dietetics.

If you’ve been with me for a few years, you will know that I created a one-time podcast episode for a school project a few years ago. This podcast is an extension of that, but broader.

This podcast is all about sharing the tales of T1D. It’s about the people directly in our community doing AMAZING things. It’s an opportunity. for us to connect, but also for us to share our stories with the outer world.

The stories I share will be in a narrative form. So far, the episodes have ranged between 15-20 minutes. And I’m intending to air them every 2-4 weeks, give or take.

Let me tell you, I’ve got a pretty fantastic lineup already.

My first episode will be posted this week on Thursday, Feb. 17. It features the story of Allie Chartoff, mom of a toddler with T1D and wife to a husband with T1D. This story has some good twists and turns, and some fantastically inspiring notes as well.

All podcasts will be accompanied by a feature article on the topic, and some will even have some helpful nutrition tidbits too – because, you know, I like to combine my journalistic and dietitian-istic backgrounds! The podcasts will be more in-depth, and the features will be a nice compliment that can be read on their own or in conjunction with the podcast.

Happy listening. Happy reading.

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