Next steps: from student to RD(t)

If you had met me 22 years ago, you would never have guessed my path.

I was still in a state of rebellion with my type-1 diabetes.

I wanted to be “normal” and diabetes in my world was not normal.

I did not eat balanced. I ate fast food nearly every day for convenience and angered comfort.

Oh yeah, I was angry all the time.

But then, something happened.

I started running.

It changed so much.

My stomach hurt when I ran following fast food.

I needed a change.

The roller coaster of my blood sugars was not conducive to my running goals.

I needed a change.

My anger started to lift.

My health started to improve.

Change was taking effect.

I didn’t know it then, but that was the start of my new path.

Last week I graduated from my dietetics practicum.

Last week, after 6 years of studies, I stopped being a student.

Last week I officially became a registered dietitian (t).

The (t) stands for temporary; it will be removed when I successfully pass the professional exam in November.

Next week I start working.

I’ve taken a position as a casual dietitian with a health authority near my home. While employed, I will also be working towards starting my private practice as a dietitian for athletes and recreationally active people with type-1 diabetes.

My goal has always been to fill that gap in the healthcare system, the one that’s kind of forgotten about those of us striving to better ourselves with this disease.

Stay tuned 😀

In the meantime, you will notice a transition to my posts over the next few months. I will still continue to post about personal experiences, mostly to do with T1D, but I will also start posting more education resources to help our active community grow even stronger with this disease.

Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or even suggestions for posts.


This is my journey, but if you’re active and/or have type-1 diabetes it’s your journey too!

Happy running. Happy cycling. Happy hiking. Happy whatever sport you’re doing with T1D 😀

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