DQ ice cream cake

Yellow tomatoes and purple potatoes

I don’t know about you, but when my birthday comes around, there’s a list of things I feel I shouldn’t have to do, like clean my bathroom, make the bed (thank you Mario), put gas in my car, and change my infusion. Unfortunately for me, yesterday, my birthday – the greatest day on Earth – was also infusion changing day. Ugh! But fortunately for me it was my birthday, and it totally lived up to its hype, it was a great, great, great day. Have I mentioned I love my birthday 😀 It was a day filled with sunshine and strawberry covered waffles, bike rides and farmers markets, presents, presents, presents, ice cream cake (obviously!), a little bit of France, a little bit of New York and a Bianchi too! … jersey that is … one step closer to having my very own beautiful Bianchi. Good golly, I thought I was …

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I am so excited!!! Ohmygawd so excited!!! Want to know why? Because it’s birthday ice cream cake month!!! June is hands down my most favourite month of the year, a month I prepare for for 11 straight months. With myself and two siblings sharing this birthday month, as well as my grandma and neice, and all but one of us loving Dairy Queen ice cream cake, you’ve kind got to train for it – that’s a lot of ice cream cake eating! What? Did you really think I ran those two marathons for my health? or because I actually love running for nearly 5 hours straight? Hell no! It’s all for the ice cream cake my friends! Happy almost birthday to me!!! FYI: This is NOT the optimal size! After writing my last post, I was reminded at just how amazing my blogging community is here. Every one of your …

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