Yellow tomatoes and purple potatoes

I don’t know about you, but when my birthday comes around, there’s a list of things I feel I shouldn’t have to do, like clean my bathroom, make the bed (thank you Mario), put gas in my car, and change my infusion. Unfortunately for me, yesterday, my birthday – the greatest day on Earth – was also infusion changing day. Ugh! But fortunately for me it was my birthday, and it totally lived up to its hype, it was a great, great, great day. Have I mentioned I love my birthday 😀

It was a day filled with sunshine and strawberry covered waffles, bike rides and farmers markets, presents, presents, presents, ice cream cake (obviously!), a little bit of France, a little bit of New York and a Bianchi too! … jersey that is … one step closer to having my very own beautiful Bianchi.

Good golly, I thought I was supposed to stop growing, but it appears I’ve become a giant in the last year!

All birthday girls deserve free chocolate!


  • BG before: 12.1
  • Temp. basal -80 per cent
  • Distance: 65 km
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Average speed: 20 km per hour
  • BG after: 6.4

Would you be surprised if I told you we almost didn’t have birthday ice cream cake? It’s true. Shocking, I know! Mario had gotten the cake and hid it in our freezer (good thing I rarely go in there) but because we were out on the road for a birthday bike ride to Steveston for three hours, and because he had also organized dinner out and an evening at the theatre to see Wicked, there was only a super small window before our dinner reservations to do the cake thing. Some people might have opted to wait, I mean really, who has ice cream cake before dinner? I do!

And the cake matched my dress!

All mine!

We had dinner on the patio at Provence, a French restaurant along the False Creek waterfront, with a pretty spectacular fish menu. Mario had the halibut and spot prawns, with yellow tomatoes (which I loved!) and purple potatoes, and I had the Mediterannean bass with vegetables and seven grain rice. I wasn’t so keen on the rice, but I loved the fresh-baked bread. And with my bass I had the option of getting a fillet or a full-headed fish. I chose the full-headed sucker and tried with all my might NOT to start showing off my fish lips for the waitress. I’m thinking that probably wouldn’t have gone over all that well. (Yes, I did just turn 33!)

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads … eat them up yum!

When I read Wicked eight years ago, I really loved it, like really loved it. And so I was somewhat worried going into this musical that I’d be a bit disappointed (even though I really wanted to see it when we went to New York last year) … it’s like the whole Hollywood botching up a book scenario, you know. But it didn’t disappoint at all. There were some issues, like I thought it could have been shorter and I wasn’t so keen on the operatic singing voice of Miss Ohio doing Glinda’s part. But Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, was amazing. And she totally reminded me of Blossom!

We didn’t get home until close to 11:30 and I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight, so I was a bit groggy getting up this morning, but the endorphins of a most wonderful birthday day, and the prospect of two more weeks of my birthday three weeks, had me smiling all through the day 😀

4 thoughts on “Yellow tomatoes and purple potatoes”

  1. Robert Freeman

    You look like such a nice girl …
    But you eat fish heads!!!!????
    That is SO revolting … it definitely falls into the category of too much information.
    Mmmmmmmm, fish heads and ice cream cake, every birthday girl’s dream 🙂
    Hope the rest of your birthday MONTH is as elegantly continental … but PLEASE don’t bring any leftover fish heads to the newsroom for lunch 🙂

  2. Do you know what I like most about this post? Your matching cycling outfit! You know what I don’t like about this post? You got the rolly polly fish heads song stuck in my head!!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

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