Goldilocks and the fear

Diabetes Lesson No. 941: Walking is exercise.

After work I met up with my favourite ironchickie for a post-birthday (me) and post-half-ironman (her) walk along the dykes in the Valley. I had planned on testing my blood sugars before heading out, just as I do before all other exercise, but I think the excitement of seeing my dear friend combined with getting lost trying to find the parking lot, and coming across two toddler billie goats lounging in the middle of a dead end road (I kid you not, I thought they were dogs from afar, but as I got closer I saw their furry horns) completely threw me off. And it wasn’t until about 3.5 km into the 5 km walk, when I realized that I hadn’t tested my blood sugars and that I had also not stuffed any sugar-related goodies into my pocket, and that my legs were getting somewhat tingly, which is almost always a surefire sign the blood sugars are plumetting. Sure enough, when we got back to the cars, my blood sugars were 3.1. Yikes! But hey, I didn’t forget my camera 😀

I’d like to buy a vowel please Vanna.

Have you ever met up with a friend and had something you really, really wanted to talk to him or her about, and had ample opportunity to talk to them about it, but then realized, once you’ve departed, that you were so busy talking about other things that you completely forgot to talk about what you wanted to talk to them about. That’s exactly what happened to me today. Because my favourite ironchickie is so super duper fast, like superhero fast, so fast she finished the half ironman in Oliver (on my birthday!) which consists of a 2 km swim, a 93 km bike ride, and a 21 km run, in 5:04:57 (Need I remind you all it took me almost the same amount of time (save 20 minutes) to complete just one marathon?!?!) and won her age category, came in 6th for all women, and 59th overall (out of 785 participants!) I figured she would be the perfect person to glean expertise from on what more I can do in training to better my half marathon times. But do you think I said a peep about it when we were walking along the trails? Nope, we were too busy talking about so much else; evidence of a perfect get together!

Feeding Mrs. Horse and her Billy Goat buddy along the trail.

We were also too busy (or at least I was) freaking out about a potential mama bear on the lam with cubs in tow. I don’t know about the rest of you, but despite growing up on a farm, I am so not a farm girl, and if I saw a bear, mama bear or not, I’d probably pee my pants, start crying , and run … which my favourite ironchickie has told me a couple of times now is NOT the thing to do in the presence of a bear! I would so totally be dinner!


Our walk came to a close with a surprise birthday gift (FOR ME!) of a beautifully dainty, for-one (me!) tea pot/cup printed with butterflies. Ever since my last trip to Europe, where I spent almost every morning of our trip drinking tea out of dainty teacups, I have wanted a dainty teacup of my own. And when I went to my favourite ironchickie’s birthday tea party last month, my eyes practically glowed a bright green as I ogled her teacup collection which was passed down to her by her grandma. Now, thanks to my favourite ironchickie, I have the start of my own collection.

Can you feel the excitement?

We both love butterflies!

Today’s gift makes that three days of birthday gifts, I could totally get used to this … hmm … 12-month birthday anyone 😉

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  1. Aha! Well we will just have to meet up again soon so talk about what you actually wanted to talk about!:-)

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