Podcast: Loving the DOC community

When I started blogging 10 years ago it was, no word of lie, for material possessions.

I wasn’t much into blogs at the time; I had a handful that I enjoyed, but mostly I didn’t get the point of them. Yet, I was completely enamoured by all the free things bloggers seemed to get.

I wanted free stuff!

I figured, since I was already an accomplished newspaper writer by that time, and I had a topic I could easily dive into, I’d give it a shot.

Ten years and 783 posts later, it’s not the *freebies* that kept me around.

It was the DOC, diabetes online community.

I love this community!

Podcast workshop

A couple months ago I was invited to participate in a podcast workshop with Walt Drennan of Ask Me About My Type 1, and I was joined by two other fellow type-1s to talk about our respective T1D.

The podcast was all about communicating type-1 with the world – which was a totally appropriate topic given that we were workshopping this in front of a live Zoom audience as part of the Connected in Motion virtual slipstream, USA style.

This was such a fun and enlightening experience. All of our stories were vastly different, yet there were some telltale similarities between the four of us as well (Walt also has type-1).

I was the token Canadian, and I kept getting distracted by Jordan’s accent, wishing I had the same lilt coming out of my mouth too ????

Although I’ve created a podcast episode previously, and although I’ve been on the other side of interviews as the interviewer, being the interviewee is always a completely different experience, having to think on the fly for the most part and trying not say um so many times over.

If you want to learn more about my story, as well as a few other experiences with this disease, I highly recommend checking out the season finale of Tell Me About Your Type 1’s 3rd season.

The podcast can be found here:

Happy listening 😀

*In the 10 years of this blog, I’ve been offered a handful of items, but have accepted only 3 things, that I felt aligned with my brand at the time*



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