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Today, with the sun shining bright and hot, I figured it was the perfect moment to give you a list of my current likes and dislikes. Why, you ask. Well, because while I have longed for Mr. Sun to shine down on me through this seemingly never-ending winter the West Coast has endured, and was so incredibly happy when I finally saw it shining through my windows, I’m now having second thoughts… now that I’m sporting a two-tonne watermelon off the front of my belly, I’m kind of fearing it. It’s the start of my likes and dislikes.

What I’m liking right now:

1. My new picture frame hanging in my washroom. With chalkboard paint on the inside, I can draw or write whatever I please for the day. Right now, it holds my current motto for pregnancy.

2. A weekend in Penticton cheering on Big Ring and the patriarch of our favourite Italian family as they ride the Axel Merckx medio fondo, which then leads into a week of holidays, which then leads to 1.5 months left of work before maternity leave – wahoo!

Have a feeling this is NOT how I’ll be spending this fondo!

3. Bikestyle Tours Bike Room Contest, a contest where people post pics of their bike room, and the best ones will be awarded either a Cadel Evans bike helmet (meh… I’m not a fan), Rapha gear, or Oakley sunglasses. Big Ring wants the Rapha gear or Oakley sunglasses… and honestly, totally not being biased here, I think his pic is by far the most original of them all. And really, it’s only fitting he wins given that this was the same company he went on a Tour de France bike tour with in 2003.

You can vote for Big Ring (hint hint ;)) under his pseudonym Jay Suburb, at

Things I’m most definitely NOT liking:

1. The excruciating leg cramps that are regularly attacking me in the middle of the night, leaving my calf muscles so severely seized up for days; it’s as though I’d run a marathon with absolutely no training. If this is what labour feels like, I have a feeling I’m not going to enjoy it much.

2. My hips, both hips, that are in constant pain, due to either being out of alignment, or sciatica … seriously, why do people NOT tell you these things about being pregnant? I’ve got a list of 32 points and growing that I plan to pull out if I ever have a desire to get pregnant again!

3. The infusion I pulled out of my thigh the other day that was gushing clear puss around a site that was angry red and swollen. Never had that before.

What are you liking and disliking?

10 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes”

  1. Omg! I know the leg cramps all to well. Those are crazy! But they are nothing compared to labour.hehehe. Don’t worry. YOU CAN DO IT.

  2. Can you take extra magnesium to help with leg cramps? There is a great Chinese medicinal oil for external use called Po Sum On…it is smelly, but it works well for muscle ache. There are chiropractic folks who specialize in adjustments for pregnant women – that might help with your hips NOW, with delivery and post delivery.
    These days, I’m likin’ clear and brilliant summer night skies and watermelon; I’m not likin’ how far BC is from Ontario…take care.

  3. I, too, am experiencing the hip pain. I keep meaning to do something about it, but haven’t found anything that works, besides Tylenol. Also: Gaaaahhhh chiropractors! They scare the crap out of me!

    1. Hip pain, back pain, butt pain, shoulder pain, heel pain (that’s a new one for today), belly stitches… this is supposed to be fun right 😉 Hope your hip pain subsides soon!

  4. Hey!! 🙂
    Hot, huh?
    And so it is, with no little fear and trepidation, that I make the following comments, as instructed by you in a previous blog.
    Marathons and bike-a-thons are one thing (two things, technically) but I don’t think you guys are gonna win ANY prizes for family planning 🙁
    You choose the HOTTEST time of the year (if a hot time can really be said to be had at ANY time in the West Coast rainforest) to get all large and sweaty and swollen up with a two-tonne watermelon!!!
    And may I add they don’t call it LABOUR for nuthin’ sweetie!! 🙂
    But, ya know, I have the darndest feeling that all the gumption and all the gusto that you’ve built up from all the training you’ve done for marathons and Grouse Grind gambols in the past are gonna kick in and carry you splendidly over the finish line!! 🙂
    Laughin’ like a kid!! 🙂

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