Tradition with a twist

When I woke up on that rain-soaked morning seven years ago, I didn’t know my life would forever be changed. All I knew was that it was super early, the rain was viciously pounding against my bedroom window pane, and that I was desperately praying for my phone to ring calling off the morning events to be. Thankfully, that call never came.

Big Ring’s nonchalant offer to climb the Grouse Grind that July 2005 morning was innocent enough; we were friendly coworkers who enjoyed talking movies, TV, celebrity gossip, and making jest of our fellow colleagues. What more could there be?

It’s not like we were going to get married or anything 😉

So, seven years ago I took my first trek up the Grouse Grind. It was not a pretty sight (despite me dolling myself up – shower, hair, makeup, the works… oh how times have changed). My breathing was so heavy, I thought I would hyperventilate; my legs ached by the second quarter, and by the third, I had clear visions of hurling myself over the side, figuring it would be easier to get picked up by air ambulance than to finish that damn climb.

Between my grunts and wheezes, we talked TomKat gossip, discussed the atrocity that was War of the Worlds, and negotiated plans for offing Dakota Fanning… I also managed to sneak a few peaks at Big Ring’s super sexy cycling calves which I had not previously been privy too.

Pretty sure it was those calves that first stole my heart 😀

At the top July 2, 2010.

Today is mine and Big Ring’s first non-date/date anniversary, and for the past seven years we’ve celebrated it with a traditional climb up the Grouse Grind. But this year, it wasn’t in the cards. While the Grind is just 2.9 km, 2,830 stairs (I’ve done longer climbs throughout this pregnancy) the terrain is rugged, the last two quarters are pretty much straight up, there’s no guarantee how slippery the rocks would be, and with my climbing style in the last half, bent over, using my hands to help propel me forward, I’m guessing that wouldn’t be the most comfortable for me or thumb-sucking alien baby. Plus, the fact that I’m still a heavy breather from the get-go, I just didn’t feel confident I’d be supplying TSAB with the necessary oxygen he or she requires. Nope, I was not willing to take that chance.

Instead, Big Ring had planned on going for a ride with his riding group this morning, but when the ride got cancelled because of the rain, and he started moping around the loft, wringing his hands as to what to do, I finally said to hell with it, it’s our non-date/date anniversary, by golly, we are going up the Grind one way or another.

He climbed:

I did not:

I took the gondola (which, my gawd, cost $44 – no wonder I like climbing more; just  $10 to get down!) and waited for him at the top. And sure, I would have loved to have been able to climb the Grouse Grind this morning, would have loved to have been able to compete against my best time, but even so, it was still a pretty awesome feeling to be the one at the top cheering Big Ring on … normally, he’s the one waiting for me.

It was tradition with a twist!

9 thoughts on “Tradition with a twist”

  1. OMG $44.00 that is outrageous! I will be thinking of you in a couple of weeks when Blaine, Elaine and I attack the grind.

    1. Just remember a steady pace is much better than gunning it off the hop… so many people charge out and then wonder why they need to stop every 2 seconds heaving up a lung. But by keeping a good pace, slowing down when you need to – NOT STOPPING! – that will get you to the top in a good time. Have fun!

  2. Awwww … that was SO nice … “tradition with a twist” … you DO have a way with words 🙂
    By the way, did the Gondola Guys charge you more for the extra poundage!! 🙂

  3. Happy non-date anniversary – your advice about the climb applies very well to relationships…cheers to you and Big Ring!

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