Katie Holmes

Tradition with a twist

When I woke up on that rain-soaked morning seven years ago, I didn’t know my life would forever be changed. All I knew was that it was super early, the rain was viciously pounding against my bedroom window pane, and that I was desperately praying for my phone to ring calling off the morning events to be. Thankfully, that call never came. Big Ring’s nonchalant offer to climb the Grouse Grind that July 2005 morning was innocent enough; we were friendly coworkers who enjoyed talking movies, TV, celebrity gossip, and making jest of our fellow colleagues. What more could there be? It’s not like we were going to get married or anything 😉 So, seven years ago I took my first trek up the Grouse Grind. It was not a pretty sight (despite me dolling myself up – shower, hair, makeup, the works… oh how times have changed). My breathing was so …

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Almost Famous

Okay, so the video shoot. It wasn’t completely mortifying; I didn’t puke from nerves or anything, although I did come close on the drive over to Miss Enviable Abs studio, and I did almost make a “wrong turn,” which would surely have made me miss the shoot, and I did almost send her a text to inform her that I had the “Bubonic plaque” making it impossible for me to be interviewed. But no, I princessed up and eventually did get my butt over there… although, I was a tad late, like 15 minutes, and Miss Enviable Abs was getting somewhat worried, and rightfully so given my last blog post. But hey, what can I say, I’m a star now, I’m like buddy buddy with Katie Holmes and Kate Hudson, I can’t possibly be expected to show up on time 😉 Celebrity 101: You MUST be fashionably late! It seems …

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