Almost Famous

Okay, so the video shoot. It wasn’t completely mortifying; I didn’t puke from nerves or anything, although I did come close on the drive over to Miss Enviable Abs studio, and I did almost make a “wrong turn,” which would surely have made me miss the shoot, and I did almost send her a text to inform her that I had the “Bubonic plaque” making it impossible for me to be interviewed. But no, I princessed up and eventually did get my butt over there… although, I was a tad late, like 15 minutes, and Miss Enviable Abs was getting somewhat worried, and rightfully so given my last blog post. But hey, what can I say, I’m a star now, I’m like buddy buddy with Katie Holmes and Kate Hudson, I can’t possibly be expected to show up on time ­čśë Celebrity 101: You MUST be fashionably late! It seems …

Almost Famous

Breaking the habit

No chocolate? Crunches in the evening? My world is being turned upside down. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but it’s been 13 days since my tongue last tasted the dreaminess of chocolate, sunk down into its delectable milkiness, and slowly rolled it from cheek to cheek just as a sommelier would minus the spitting out. 13 days!!! Wha-at? I am a chocoholic. My addiction is so extreme, once on a Lufthansa flight to Florence, when I discovered a box of sample Ritter Sport chocolates (hazelnut-raisin, le sigh!) near the washrooms, I seriously went to the washroom every five minutes stuffing my pockets and fists full of chocolates! And then there’s my drawer o chocolate at work stuffed full of Swiss chocolate, Belgian chocolate, French chocolate, German chocolate, chocolate chocolate, chocolate. (Only the best of course!) Recently, I spent more than $20 to restock it. That drawer started out …

Breaking the habit