Almost Famous

Okay, so the video shoot. It wasn’t completely mortifying; I didn’t puke from nerves or anything, although I did come close on the drive over to Miss Enviable Abs studio, and I did almost make a “wrong turn,” which would surely have made me miss the shoot, and I did almost send her a text to inform her that I had the “Bubonic plaque” making it impossible for me to be interviewed. But no, I princessed up and eventually did get my butt over there… although, I was a tad late, like 15 minutes, and Miss Enviable Abs was getting somewhat worried, and rightfully so given my last blog post. But hey, what can I say, I’m a star now, I’m like buddy buddy with Katie Holmes and Kate Hudson, I can’t possibly be expected to show up on time 😉

Celebrity 101: You MUST be fashionably late!

It seems Miss Enviable Abs knows the way to my heart and the way to taking my mind off the video camera trying to stare me right in the eye – load me up full of Starbucks tea and chocolates, and then quickly turn the camera on and hope I don’t notice.

The bribe.

I noticed. The second the red light of the camera was on, my ears and cheeks started burning up, beads of sweat were forming above my brow, and I couldn’t stop chewing on my bottom lip. I knew I was making faces, knew my eyes were rolling every which way (except in the direction of the camera) and I knew they were bugging out with every exclamation I made. But I couldn’t control myself… which, in hindsight, is probably a good thing for all of you, because had I been able to control myself, and pull off the perfect interview, the video wouldn’t be nearly as amusing and laughable as it is.

The interview.

Miss Enviable Abs was a total professional. Not only did she ask good questions, but her voice was calm and soothing and reactionary – a talent some in the business haven’t yet mastered. And in return, I gave her 12 minutes and 31 seconds of  uncontrollable rambling, nervous giggling, stuttering, biting my lip, not making eye contact, getting the simplest of math equations wrong, gripping my Starbucks cup full of CALM tea (it didn’t work!) and completely blanking on what the POP web address is. Awesome. But the best part, oh this is a good one, guess how many uhms came flying out of my mouth? EIGHTY SEVEN!!! That’s like 7 uhms a minute!!! And yes, I did count them all up.

The first time I tried watching it, I turned it off at the 31 second mark, which was when the first uhm was spilled. But a few hours later, alone in my car, I gave it another go, and actually made it through the entire thing. Once I realized how hot my arms were looking, I was good to go – my gawd, I got nice looking arms 😀

Get out your popcorn and chocolate my friends, the movie is about to begin.
(Warning: While I tried to answer all the questions as honestly and wisely as I could, I was nervous as hell and so I cannot be responsible for any false information that may have spilled out. Just saying…)

A Star Is Born:

And if you haven’t already checked out Miss Enviable Abs’ Facebook Page, check it out here: And her blog here:

9 thoughts on “Almost Famous”

  1. I SO want to say something snarky!! 🙂
    But I cannot 🙁
    You were charming (ugh) sparkling (double-ugh) you even made a lot of sense.
    I didn’t even notice the “uhms” whereof you speak 🙂

  2. I have something in common with you….I used to make fun of runners too…but I do still think the runners who are out running at noon on a super hot day are crazy 🙂 Nice job on the interview!

    1. Totally agreed. Although, sometimes, when I’m super lazy in the summer, I am one of those runners, so then I have to make fun of myself, it’s only fair right 😀

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