Wish upon a rainbow

I don’t know what it is about Big Ring and the fondos he signs up for, but it seems I’m just not destined to see him cross the finish line. One out of three times is not a very good track record. And because of that, I’m forced to “borrow” this watermarked shot When he did Whistler two years ago, I was stuck in traffic trying with all my might to will the vehicles in front of me away so I could get there in time, but to no avail; I was 15 minutes too late. When he did the Levi Leipheimer last year, I made a point of standing at the finish line for hours to ensure I did not have another Whistler no-show repeat. And this past weekend, when he did the Axel Merckx, there was no doubt in my mind, I would be at that finish line. …

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Likes and Dislikes

Today, with the sun shining bright and hot, I figured it was the perfect moment to give you a list of my current likes and dislikes. Why, you ask. Well, because while I have longed for Mr. Sun to shine down on me through this seemingly never-ending winter the West Coast has endured, and was so incredibly happy when I finally saw it shining through my windows, I’m now having second thoughts… now that I’m sporting a two-tonne watermelon off the front of my belly, I’m kind of fearing it. It’s the start of my likes and dislikes. What I’m liking right now: 1. My new picture frame hanging in my washroom. With chalkboard paint on the inside, I can draw or write whatever I please for the day. Right now, it holds my current motto for pregnancy. 2. A weekend in Penticton cheering on Big Ring and the patriarch …

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