pregnancy side effects

‘Ohmygawd! I just peed my pants!’

Warning: In case you didn’t notice from the headline above, this post may be TMI for some. You have been warned. At about 7 km into Sunday’s race, my brain took a trip down memory lane, to a time when I was seven years old, walking home from school, wearing one of my favourite corduroy dresses. I was just a few blocks from home, less than 10 minutes. I had to pee, like really had to pee, my bladder was so full it was sore. I tried squeezing it in, tried walking with my legs crossed over, but the feeling wouldn’t go away, and my super skinny, short, little legs wouldn’t move fast enough. I knew there was no way I could make it. I looked to my left. I looked to my right. There was no one. I squatted, I peed, Ahhh, relief. I wish I could say I …

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‘She’s got the Jimmy legs!’

Dear Pregnancy Guru, I tried to follow your advice, I tried to embrace the power of positive thinking, I tried to feel your words whilst repeating them over and over again: “I feel great and pregnancy is easy on my body. I feel great and pregnancy is easy on my body. I feel great and pregnancy is easy on my body…” But it didn’t work! My body has been taken over by a little thumb-sucking alien baby and quite frankly it’s not enjoying the experience. Reason number 412 as to why I will never get pregnant again: Jimmy Legs! For the past four days, I have been subjected to an excruciatingly persistent dull ache in both my legs, mostly in my calves, and mostly when I’m in a seated position – which given all the commuting I do, is 90 per cent of my day. Sometimes, however, usually in the …

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Likes and Dislikes

Today, with the sun shining bright and hot, I figured it was the perfect moment to give you a list of my current likes and dislikes. Why, you ask. Well, because while I have longed for Mr. Sun to shine down on me through this seemingly never-ending winter the West Coast has endured, and was so incredibly happy when I finally saw it shining through my windows, I’m now having second thoughts… now that I’m sporting a two-tonne watermelon off the front of my belly, I’m kind of fearing it. It’s the start of my likes and dislikes. What I’m liking right now: 1. My new picture frame hanging in my washroom. With chalkboard paint on the inside, I can draw or write whatever I please for the day. Right now, it holds my current motto for pregnancy. 2. A weekend in Penticton cheering on Big Ring and the patriarch …

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