strength training

Strength training, toddler style

Dear Little Ring, Remember those days when you were just a lump? The days when you’d lie there keeping mama company for her strength training? The days when all you could do was lift up and try to grab my necklace as I struggled through pushups or planked for a minute over top of you? The days when you’d roll from side to side, lift your arms, lift your legs, but essentially still just a little lump? Remember those? Oh how long ago those days were… Dear Little Ring, While I do so very, very, very much LOVE our daily snuggles, during strength training? Really? During pushups with your much larger lump directly under me? Really? During planks, clam shells, squats and lunges – Really??? Yes mama, really! (Note: He was totally lifting his legs just like I was AND reading his book – little show off! 😉 )

Running … with company

Full disclosure part 1: My training the last couple of weeks has fallen off the map. For the last 10 days, the Princess and the Rings have been entertaining Big Ring’s mom and niece from Onterrible; the first visit since Little Ring’s birth. In the weeks leading up to the visit, I thought for sure I’d keep up with my running and strength training. I had a well defined plan, and I was determined not to stray from it. But then, our guests arrived. Now, let me backtrack a moment. Big Ring and I are not well versed in the art of entertaining. Since purchasing our loft four years ago, we have hosted just ONE other couple, and that was long before Little Ring’s existence. Heck, I’m pretty sure we can count on two hands the number of times we’ve held dinners at our place. So really, we can’t be …

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Strength training…with love

Who needs chocolates? Who needs flowers? Who even needs Tiffany’s*? Not me, not when I’ve got the two very best loves of my life, every day of my life … yep, I’m all romantic like that 😉 However, that Coach NZ, she’s all hardcore. No days off for Valentine’s Day, oh no, today we were back at it with strength training, but she did note it was strength training with love day! TODAY’S STRENGTH: 2 p.m. BG before: 6.4 Temp. basal: none 3 sets 12 lunges 3 sets squats 3 sets calf raises 3 sets 10 pushups 3 sets straight planks (45 seconds each) 2 sets side planks (60 seconds each) 2 sets 30 airplane/swimming thingamabob 3 sets 30 clam shells (both sides) 3 sets 16 leg raises 2:30 p.m. BG after: 5.0 Yep, there was love alright! Laughing squats We do pushups together in this family. And when mama …

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Planks, they do a body good

What Pilates, evil crunches, and straight diet couldn’t do for me, Coach NZ and Little Ring have! A series of events have recently occurred leading me to believe those two are serious miracle workers! (1) CALL THE DOCTOR: Princess: “I think I need to see the doctor?” Big Ring: “Why?” Princess: “I think something’s wrong with my belly; it doesn’t feel right.” Big Ring: “What do you mean?” Princess: “Feel it. It’s hard.” With his hand on my stomach, he gave me a questionable look, not understanding my fear at all. Princess: “It’s never been hard before, it’s always been soft. This is NOT normal!!!” (2) THERE WILL BE BLOOD: For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to insert infusions in my stomach, which has almost always been my go-to site for the infusions and before that the daily injections. I’ve been fighting to find a comfortable spot, I’ve …

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Basic my butt!

Well hello legs, meet jello. So you know that plan I told you about, about how I was gonna build some strength and abdominals into my running regime? Well, my dear, sweet, totally not evil, Coach NZ told me it was just “basic” stuff she was starting me on, nothing too strenuous, nothing huge, just a beginner’s session is all, strength-training for dummies really. Well, let me just say, she was either lying her pants off, or my body is completely out of shape. I’m going with the former 😉 My gawd, I kid you not, mere seconds after my first strength-training session, my legs were heavy and jello-like, even shaking to the point I nearly thumped all the way down the stairs on my butt. Totally not exaggerating, 100 per cent serious! And the next day, my calves felt as though they had a belt cinched around them, my …

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