Basic my butt!

Well hello legs, meet jello.

So you know that plan I told you about, about how I was gonna build some strength and abdominals into my running regime? Well, my dear, sweet, totally not evil, Coach NZ told me it was just “basic” stuff she was starting me on, nothing too strenuous, nothing huge, just a beginner’s session is all, strength-training for dummies really. Well, let me just say, she was either lying her pants off, or my body is completely out of shape. I’m going with the former 😉

My gawd, I kid you not, mere seconds after my first strength-training session, my legs were heavy and jello-like, even shaking to the point I nearly thumped all the way down the stairs on my butt. Totally not exaggerating, 100 per cent serious! And the next day, my calves felt as though they had a belt cinched around them, my inner thighs had a burn every time I crouched down, even my butt was feeling the tightness.

Apparently all thanks to the calf raises, walking lunges and squats. And then, add on top of those, three circuits of pushups, straight planks, side planks, airplanes/Supermans, oysters and leg lifts – it’s no wonder I was feeling a full-body firey burn!

It’s a good burn,” she says.

A good burn indeed, but basic my butt!

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