Planks, they do a body good

What Pilates, evil crunches, and straight diet couldn’t do for me, Coach NZ and Little Ring have! A series of events have recently occurred leading me to believe those two are serious miracle workers! (1) CALL THE DOCTOR: Princess: “I think I need to see the doctor?” Big Ring: “Why?” Princess: “I think something’s wrong with my belly; it doesn’t feel right.” Big Ring: “What do you mean?” Princess: “Feel it. It’s hard.” With his hand on my stomach, he gave me a questionable look, not understanding my fear at all. Princess: “It’s never been hard before, it’s always been soft. This is NOT normal!!!” (2) THERE WILL BE BLOOD: For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to insert infusions in my stomach, which has almost always been my go-to site for the infusions and before that the daily injections. I’ve been fighting to find a comfortable spot, I’ve …

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Cirque du Soleil delivery

If you saw this flashcard, what would you think was being asked of you (Take note: It will be interesting to see the differences between the male and female answers): During a recent prenatal class, flashcards were handed out for us moms-to-be to practice different pain-abating positions to help during the dreaded delivery (which seems to get more and more dreadful with every prenatal class I attend). When Big Ring picked this one up, he told me I had to get on the ball, flat on my back, feet and arms in the air, all acrobatic style. I gave him a questioning look, like are you kidding me, I can barely get out of bed on my own, how the hell am I supposed to manage this? But he was adamant, this is what you have to do, he said; I’m sure silently laughing his ass off that he didn’t …

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