Stanley Park

Assumption kills the race

After years months of negotiation, reviewing routes, location, timing, and swag for various organized runs, Big Brother and I finally put our hats in the ring for the Vancouver BMO 8 km route to be our second annual sibling rivalry run. By all accounts, this run had everything. The timing was perfect for both of us, it wasn’t during the height of the summer heat or summer travel, it features a beautiful scenic route around Stanley Park, and it’s for the most part a flat run, which Big Brother emphasized was important (you will recall the hill that broke him in our last run). The distance was also a compromise for both of us. It wasn’t 5 km, which Big Brother wanted, nor was it 10 km, which I wanted – a happy medium. But today, I regret to inform you the second annual sibling rivalry run has been postponed 🙁 …

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One-fingered salute

It is truly amazing how unfocused or just plain ignorant drivers, cyclists and walkers can be. Mario and I went out for a bike ride around UBC, Stanley Park and Spanish Banks yesterday, which proved to be a rather busy, traffic-congested day. Wasn’t really much of a surprise given  that it was the unofficial second last day of summer. Not only were there eager students moving into residence, there were tons of families, couples and singles crowding the areas, wanting to get as much beach and sight-seeing time in as they possibly could before school starts up again. We were keen to catch the last rays of summer too. Mario and I were on high alert. Had we not been, had we been riding in la-la-land like so many of the other leisurely cyclists and others on the road, we more than likely would have been ending the ride on …

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