running in heat

Redemption Song

This was not my best race, it was not a pretty race, I did not push my pace, I did not pull off a personal best, I did not have much gas in the end, and when I crossed the finish, I was weaving and swaying like a drunkard and pretty much collapsed under the closest ant ridden tree I could find. But, I finished. Redemption baby. The Vancouver Scotiabank half marathon and I have a bit of a jaded history. It all started in 2008, what was to be my very first half marathon. Oh, and it was all so new back then. I had hopes. I had dreams. I had visions of the perfect race. And could only pretend to imagine that thing called post-race running endorphins. I wanted it so bad, I could taste it. I’d already had my appetite whetted several times over with 5 and …

Redemption Song

Cutting time experiment No. 1

Today’s post-run shower was brought to me by the kind folks at Pampers’ and their baby wipes ­čśÇ Holy freaking crud monkey it was roasting out there today! My car’s thermostat was registering 34 degrees at lunch, right as I was lacing up for my second lunch run of the week. My glucometre overheated, it was that hot! My keys seared my fingers, it was that hot! My lungs felt as though we were running through a sauna, it was that hot! It wasn’t the prettiest of runs, but it was a run. Success. TODAY’S RUN: 12:15 p.m. BG before: 6.0 Temp. basal: none Carbs: Sezme Snack (12g) no bolus Time: 30:14 Distance: 5.41 km Average pace: 5:35 min/km Average cadence: 86 spm BG after: ??? (metre overheated. see above.) In an effort to cut down on the amount of time it takes me to change out of my work …

Cutting time experiment No. 1