Ironman Canada

Land O Diabetes

Okay seriously, somebody in the Land O Diabetes is bloody well out to get me. If Sunday wasn’t bad enough, on Monday, the kick-em-when-their-down diabetes gods made me forget my insulin pump at my Pilates studio, and not realize I was sans pump until I was back home again – 40 bloody minutes away from the damn studio! Most definitely starting to get pissed off here. Just as I was leaving work for the day, my Pilates chicks called me and asked if I could come in an hour earlier, which I thought was great. I had a ton of stuff I needed to get done at home including the ever-growing laundry pile I’d missed due to not being home Sunday night, and figured an extra hour in my evening would be perfect. I did my hour, worked around my sore knee, and before leaving, went into the washroom and changed …

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Petal power

I haven’t won the lottery, haven’t scored a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, haven’t been surprised with six months in Italy, but my goodness I am having a super duper fantastic amazing week. Nothing spectacular has happened, but a continuum of really good things have, and even when I was faced with a couple of hiccups earlier in the week that could have turned everything sour, they didn’t. I love this present frame of mind. My favourite ironchickie is seemingly always in that frame of mind. Maybe it’s her New Zealand accent, that chipper lingo of hers always leaving me wanting more. Even when she’s frustrated, she’s able to find that glass half full mentality … and she uses words like bloomin’ to describe her frustration – I kid you not, I swear that’s the word I heard and I was so tempted to pretend I didn’t hear just so …

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