Land O Diabetes

Okay seriously, somebody in the Land O Diabetes is bloody well out to get me. If Sunday wasn’t bad enough, on Monday, the kick-em-when-their-down diabetes gods made me forget my insulin pump at my Pilates studio, and not realize I was sans pump until I was back home again – 40 bloody minutes away from the damn studio! Most definitely starting to get pissed off here.

Just as I was leaving work for the day, my Pilates chicks called me and asked if I could come in an hour earlier, which I thought was great. I had a ton of stuff I needed to get done at home including the ever-growing laundry pile I’d missed due to not being home Sunday night, and figured an extra hour in my evening would be perfect. I did my hour, worked around my sore knee, and before leaving, went into the washroom and changed back into my jeans as it was somewhat breezy outside.

I got home, sat down at the dinner table, and just as Mario was starting up the barbecue, I tested my blood sugars and started to input my carb counts for the bolus wizard to calculate my insulin dosage. The metre flashed: Unable to connect with insulin pump. I gasped. Instantly, before even reaching around my waist to check, I knew the pump was not attached to me, and I knew exactly where it was: in the bloody washroom! FRIDGE!

Luckily I was able to catch my Pilates chicks before they left the studio and being the great chicks they are, they wrapped it up in bubble wrap (totally didn’t need to do that, but it gave me something to do on the way home :D) and thankfully Mario kept me company the second trip around. Didn’t end up getting home and eating dinner until after 9 p.m. – 45 minutes later than had I gone to Pilates at the regular time. Damn you diabetes gods!

Bubble wrap = perfect distraction from angry annoyance!


  • 5 p.m. BG before: 4.4
  • Three digestive cookies (no bolus)
  • Temp. basal: 0
  • Time: 1 hour
  • 6:30 p.m. BG after: 5.6
  • 9:15 p.m. (after no pump and no exercise for more than an hour) 12:6!

Following yesterday’s post, some of you mentioned you’d be Googling what to do if I ever went into a low like that near you (I’m pretty sure I won’t) but here’s the thing, while Google is a genius for most things, it will not have the answer for this. Every case is different. And for me, the number 1 thing, is patience. Because if I’m like that and I sense you getting frustrated with me or stressed with me, I will become the most stubborn ass you ever faced. I will dig my heels in, disagree with everything you say, purse my lips so bloody tight you won’t be able to get a drop of juice in them. And oh man, my mood will instantly revert back to the dark days of a petulant teenager. You do NOT want to face that princess. Good thing Mario’s got patience and good thing I don’t experience these kind of lows too often 😉

Ironman update: My favourite ironchickie proved once again to be super bionic on Sunday at Ironman Canada in Penticton. She completed the 2.4 mile swim in 1:10:23; the 112 mile bike ride in 5:47:39; and the 26.2 mile marathon in 3:38:43 – after already swimming AND cycling! Seriously impressive! She won her age division, and despite telling me just a couple weeks ago that she thought she was done competing, will once again be heading to Kona, Hawaii this fall to compete in the world championships. And that, my friends, is why she is an ironchickie rockstar AND my inspiration!

My favourite ironchickie most definitely did not heed signs like these!

A huge congrats also to Evil Pace Bunny and He Who Shall Remain Unnamed for completing their first ever Ironman and for doing so with a smile on their faces. You guys totally rocked it! So proud.

Have you forgotten your insulin pump, or something else you can’t live without, somewhere?

3 thoughts on “Land O Diabetes”

  1. Hey Katie, sorry to hear about our troubles. The thing is, I think these things come in three, so you’ve had your knee, bad sugar low and pump left behindness, so you’ve totally had your share for an ENTIRE year and things can only be brilliant and super from now on!

    1. I totally agree … and if not, I’ll just drown myself in chocolate; life can’t be miserable with gooey chocolate stains smeared all over your face 😉

  2. Hi Katie, just wanted to let you know I love your blob. I have 2 daughters (since they were 4 and 6) and a husband all with type 1 diabetes since so I can relate to some of your struggles. My sister forwarded your blog to my daughter Shae who is 19 and you are definitely a motivator. As a mom I worry all the time about blood sugar levels for my girls and all of the horrific effecs and anyone my daughters can relate to in such a possitive way is so important. Thank you, your blog is motivational and inspiring and important

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