The hangover

What now? It’s been a week and a half since I last ran, which really isn’t that long at all, and yet, I feel kind of lost, like I have an emptiness in my belly… or legs, I should say. I see Facebook posts of girlfriends preparing for their next running adventures, I read blogs all about running, and magazines all about running, but I’m not running. I don’t have a plan and I planned it that way. I’ve been training almost non-stop now for more than two years (aside from a couple months where I was recovering from injury) and I’ve felt for quite some time that I’ve needed a break from training. So, while my favourite running chicks were planning this run and that run, I purposely stayed quiet, I was not going to jump into anything new. I wanted a break and by golly I was going …

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Petal power

I haven’t won the lottery, haven’t scored a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, haven’t been surprised with six months in Italy, but my goodness I am having a super duper fantastic amazing week. Nothing spectacular has happened, but a continuum of really good things have, and even when I was faced with a couple of hiccups earlier in the week that could have turned everything sour, they didn’t. I love this present frame of mind. My favourite ironchickie is seemingly always in that frame of mind. Maybe it’s her New Zealand accent, that chipper lingo of hers always leaving me wanting more. Even when she’s frustrated, she’s able to find that glass half full mentality … and she uses words like bloomin’ to describe her frustration – I kid you not, I swear that’s the word I heard and I was so tempted to pretend I didn’t hear just so …

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