carb counting

Travelling with the diabetes beast

I should have written every blood sugar reading down. I should have noted my basal rates going in, and my basal rates leaving. I should have kept tabs on my insulin dosages every time I ate, and the foods and activity that accompanied every dose. I should have, but I didn’t. About two months ago, I suggested Big Ring and I go on a four-day getaway within the two-week break between the end of winter semester and the start of summer semester. I’d been going hard with my studies for nearly two straight years; I needed a break, something to free my mind and refresh me before the attack of yet another summer of chemistry hell, er, I mean, awesomeness 😉 It was between San Francisco or Portland. Initially Big Ring was championing for San Francisco as he’d only previously seen it on a day-trip during our Sonoma County/Levi Leipheimer …

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Sad day

Pic-a-post #3: If computers and cell phones can change the clocks over automatically, surely the insulin pump industry can to. Behind the times Animas, just saying… While the world over was celebrating get an extra hour weekend this weekend, I was mourning the loss of a dear friend. This friend wasn’t a friend I saw often, in fact she rarely came around, but those times she did were so special, filled with smiles and laughter and warmth, such an incredible warmth. But today, her warmth was iced over. Goodbye waffles, my friend, I will miss you dearly. Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay When Mario woke me up this morning, he asked if I’d be interested in waffles for breakfast. It’s not a question he asks often as he knows I love, love, LOVE the waffles – plain waffles, buttery waffles, fruit laden waffles, syrupy waffles – and that I really …

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Travel woes

I love traveling. I’ve driven across Canada twice, visited several states in the America, have fallen in love with the likes of France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany, and nearly every day I am dreaming of new places to discover. However, traveling doesn’t always love me. Clockwise from top: Florence 2009; Bruge 2010; Paris 2007; Barcelona 2009. As a Type 1 diabetic, I need to know carb counts for everything I eat in order to figure out how much insulin to take. At home, it’s fairly easy. I have product bags and boxes and containers with pertinent nutritional information posted. I also have a carb-counting scale that calculates carbs for a whole range of things, fruit, beans, ice cream, pasta, etc. But on the road, those tools are not readily at my fingertips. Evening dessert: 1 apple = 23.35 carbs, which is rounded down to 23 carbs. At 1 unit …

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