Surviving eating in a heat wave

The heat is on – at least in BC it is!

We’ve been experiencing a heat wave like no other in my province’s recorded history, my friends.

The temperatures have been soaring through the high 30s and 40s for days now with little to no reprieve predicted for several more days yet.

I don’t know about you, but my appetite completely plummets, as does my motivation to make meals, when the heat rises.

So what do we do?

We have type-1 diabetes. We need to eat. Our families need to eat. But we have no appetite, and we have not motivation.

How do we manage we manage eating in a heat wave?

Friends, I have some suggestions!

Cue the simple meals

Eggs is a go-to meal for us in normal times.

We eat eggs at least once a week: scrambled, fried, omelettes, quiche, you name the egg, we eat it.

They are simple to prepare. They are enjoyed by all. They provide valuable nutrients for both growing bodies (my son) and active bodies (my husband and I).

And in heat waves, they are even more valuable because they are easy to digest, along with being easy to prepare.

Eggs are a great, easy on the stomach, meal to prepare in the midst of a BC heat wave.

But if you don’t want to turn the stove on (in our loft, we really don’t want to turn the stove on as the temperature is about 10x higher than the outside temperature), I’ve got a solution for that too.

Cue the no-cook meal

A well-balanced charcuterie plate can be so valuable in providing good nutrition during heat waves.

Charcuteries don’t have to be artisanal, fancy, or hard to prepare at all. As long as there’s protein, starch, and vegetables, you’re good to go.

Charcuterie plates are a great, no-cook, meal option in the midst of a BC heat wave

You could create it with a selection of cold cuts or a rotisserie chicken prepared by the grocery store, or smoked salmon (or a mix of all 3) with a French baguette or a selection of crackers, with a side of chopped fruit and veggies or tossed salad or a caprese salad – and voila, you’ve got a balanced meal that is simple to prepare, doesn’t add to the heat in your house, and provides necessary nutrients to survive the heat wave.

But what if it’s still too much for your non-existent appetite? What if the only thing you can even fathom consuming is liquids?

I’ve got a solution for that too.

Cue the smoothies and popsicles

My son has been struggling significantly with the heat and low appetite.

Heat waves are not a time for me to harp on the importance of solid foods – I want this kid getting nutrients any possible way he can.

And you better believe I did make him multiple smoothies in a day.

Some were juice-based: a mixture of frozen fruit, orange juice and water, simply to get liquids in him.

Others were meal based: a mixture of frozen fruit, milk, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, hemp seeds and chia seeds purely to get a full slot of nutrients in him.

In between, we mix things up with homemade popsicles, good for both nutrients and hydration!

Popsicles are great for nutrition and hydration in the midst of the BC heat wave

Other noteworthy suggestions include:

  • Overnight oats
  • Store-prepared rotisserie chicken with tossed salad or pre-cut vegetables and fruit
  • Rice paper spring rolls with pre-cooked shrimp and julienned vegetables
  • Mixed vegetable salad with nuts and seeds or feta cheese and crackers

How are you getting your nutrients in during this heat wave?




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