Watermelon head

I know I’ve been taking long breaks between blog posts for the last little while, and today’s post isn’t really much different, given that I didn’t really write it. (More on that in a moment.) But I promise I have a couple of really good ones in the works, which I hope to publish this week sometime. But brilliance, my friends, takes time, and so, I must ask you be a little more patient.

In the meantime, though, I do have a little treat for you all… or maybe, it’s a treat for me 😉 My super stylish NYC girlfriend found me worthy to grace the front page of her blog – Life With No Fixed Address – and grace it did I ever. Oh my. Let’s just say, my head is the size of 10 watermelons combined. And I am so okay with that 😀

A little background: my super stylish NYC girlfriend used to be the consumer reporter for the daily newspaper in Vancouver before packing up her bags with her photographer husband and moving everything to the Big Apple. Five years ago, the photographer/writer duo became long-haul truck drivers. Their unorthodox travels, complete with healthy eats, beautiful photos, and fascinating insights into the trucking industry, have become regular, entertaining, eye-opening reading for Big Ring, myself, and my parents.

If you haven’t already checked it out, I highly recommend it. And hey, if you go there right now, you’ll see me! What’s not to love about that 😀

Regular Princess posts will return shortly…

2 thoughts on “Watermelon head”

  1. Of course I had to go there to read and my question is this “How much did you pay her?” LOL just kidding Katie, you really are an inspiration! Hope that you are doing well 😉

  2. Dear Watermelon Head,
    Oh. My. God. You are going to be SO difficult in the days (weeks?) ahead 🙂
    I read the blog by your stylish NYC girlfriend, and I thought she had your number – and then some 🙂
    I do hope you are able to fit your swollen ego into your vehicle for another trip to the office to mix with us mere mortals 🙂
    Drive carefully 🙂

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