Comeback postponed

I’ve been good, like really good. Despite desperately wanting to, I haven’t run, not once. I’ve painstakingly crushed those urges and longings that fill me every time I lace up a pair of my sneakers, or read a Facebook post of a favourite running chick coming off a medal-worthy run, or see those head-to-toe Lululemon girls running down the boardwalk. Why? Because Dear Physio told me to. Early on in the pregnancy, when I was still dealing with the shoulder injury I got while running (you know, the night I found out I was pregnant) Dear Physio, who I swear has magic shooting through his fingertips, warned me that my already unstable hips would likely take a serious beating in childbirth, and if I wanted to run injury free, post pregnancy, I would be wise to heed his advice and make it a slow (and by slow, practically non-existent) comeback …

Comeback postponed

A princess perfect vintage

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! And you know what that means… A deliciously insane amount of DQ ice cream cake! I might share šŸ˜‰ A whole lot of Princess perfect spoilage: Seriously, alien thumb-sucker is loving the Lululemon these days, which is crazy because before pregnancy I was anti the product, but now, I can’t get enough of it… or pretty new shoes! A crazy amount of Big Ring spoilage: Season 4 True Blood… iPad… tickets to John Mellencamp… oh my! And new birthday adventures ā€¦ whether they be exploring new restaurants (for me at least) like Chambar in Gastown, where Big Ring took me for my pre-birthday, birthday dinner, which features a deliciously tasty Belgian menuĀ (I highly recommend the lamb shank and rhubarb-infused salad), or reminiscing about old adventures ala Belgium style, or making plans for another European adventure next spring… Big Ring exploring the Belgian beer… they actually had one …

A princess perfect vintage