A princess perfect vintage


And you know what that means…

A deliciously insane amount of DQ ice cream cake!

I might share 😉

A whole lot of Princess perfect spoilage:

Seriously, alien thumb-sucker is loving the Lululemon these days, which is crazy because before pregnancy I was anti the product, but now, I can’t get enough of it… or pretty new shoes!

A crazy amount of Big Ring spoilage:

Season 4 True Blood… iPad… tickets to John Mellencamp… oh my!

And new birthday adventures … whether they be exploring new restaurants (for me at least) like Chambar in Gastown, where Big Ring took me for my pre-birthday, birthday dinner, which features a deliciously tasty Belgian menu (I highly recommend the lamb shank and rhubarb-infused salad), or reminiscing about old adventures ala Belgium style, or making plans for another European adventure next spring…

Big Ring exploring the Belgian beer… they actually had one bottle for $125!!!

As many of you know, I am a firm believer of the three-week birthday. I mean seriously, how on earth can we contain the best time of the year (your birth, hello, how perfect is that) to one day? We can’t, so why even fight it? So while others are lamenting the fact they’re getting a year older, I’m loving every second of it. And why wouldn’t I? I’ve aged well!

From duck to swan: Me at 18. Me pre-pregnancy.

Seriously, I’m like a delectable vintage wine; I just keep getting better and better with age 😉


5 thoughts on “A princess perfect vintage”

  1. Sounds like you know how to make the b’day event last – savouring all the attention and enjoying all the celebratory events….you will be great at throwing kid birthday parties…”To Parents of B’day Invitees – Please tick off the appropriate box: My child will be staying for [1]the single day event; [2] the 3 day package [with the American meal plan; or [3] the deluxe month long festival with all meals included with a limit on the number of hotdogs to be consumed during the month”.

    I will be 60 in exactly 6 months…am I excited, well sort of – it’s kind of milestone….will I be celebrating for 3 weeks, probably not – but I will see family and friends and be joyous and grateful.

    Hope you laffed at our card : ) / I thought you would hoot and Freeman was quite certain it was the best pick.

    May you have a wonderful year full of unexpected gifts and fun!

  2. I totally agree that birthdays should be celebrated. While I have never done a 3 week celebration I have devoted an entire weekend to celebrations. Maybe next year when I will be 50 I will have an extended celebration.

  3. I personally think you were never a “duck.” I know people and I’m pretty sure you’ve been a swan your whole life. Happy B Day again….

  4. Dear Birthday Hottie,
    Yes, you ARE like a vintage wine – totally corked!!
    Maybe NEXT year, someone will get you a sweater that FITS!!!
    Happy Birthday, chum 🙂

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