A princess perfect vintage

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! And you know what that means… A deliciously insane amount of DQ ice cream cake! I might share 😉 A whole lot of Princess perfect spoilage: Seriously, alien thumb-sucker is loving the Lululemon these days, which is crazy because before pregnancy I was anti the product, but now, I can’t get enough of it… or pretty new shoes! A crazy amount of Big Ring spoilage: Season 4 True Blood… iPad… tickets to John Mellencamp… oh my! And new birthday adventures … whether they be exploring new restaurants (for me at least) like Chambar in Gastown, where Big Ring took me for my pre-birthday, birthday dinner, which features a deliciously tasty Belgian menu (I highly recommend the lamb shank and rhubarb-infused salad), or reminiscing about old adventures ala Belgium style, or making plans for another European adventure next spring… Big Ring exploring the Belgian beer… they actually had one …

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Wild Rice me up baby!

The new restaurant in town is starting to make me look like a big fat hypocrite. It’s no secret that I don’t like rice, and beyond wonton soup, I don’t like Chinese food either. So when Mario suggested last month we take our New York friends to the new Asian fusion restaurant, Wild Rice, I was dubious. Not only was it Chinese, it had rice in the name – it could not possibly be good. Oh how wrong I was. Wild Rice has been operating in Gastown for 10 years, and just opened its second location down the quay from us in New Westminster last month. As I mentioned in my first blog about this place, this is not your typical $10, all-you-can-eat, MSG filled buffet – this is art. Our second visit to the restaurant, last night, was all my doing. When I spotted a brief in the local paper that …

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