Wild Rice

Wild Rice me up baby!

The new restaurant in town is starting to make me look like a big fat hypocrite. It’s no secret that I don’t like rice, and beyond wonton soup, I don’t like Chinese food either. So when Mario suggested last month we take our New York friends to the new Asian fusion restaurant, Wild Rice, I was dubious. Not only was it Chinese, it had rice in the name – it could not possibly be good. Oh how wrong I was. Wild Rice has been operating in Gastown for 10 years, and just opened its second location down the quay from us in New Westminster last month. As I mentioned in my first blog about this place, this is not your typical $10, all-you-can-eat, MSG filled buffet – this is art. Our second visit to the restaurant, last night, was all my doing. When I spotted a brief in the local paper that …

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Social media, yay or nay

“Have you ever thought about promoting your blog?” That was the question posed to me by my super stylish NYC girlfriend – and fellow blogger – as we hustled down the boardwalk, trying to cover our bodies from the ice of the river wind. It’s not the first time I’ve heard such a question; my brother who’s all about marketing is often throwing ideas at me to get more from my writing than just the act of writing itself. But the thing is, I’m pretty sure I’m the laziest blogger out there. Sure I post somewhat regularly, but that’s the easy part. I am a writer by trade after all. But keeping conversations moving on a blog-specific Facebook page and Twitter and elsewhere, that just seems like a whole lot of work. You can’t just upload your blogs to social media and hope for the best, you’ve got to engage …

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