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The final count down

Let the count down begin! In T – 12 hours my feet will be racing across that start line and will keep going for another four plus hours. Am I nervous? Nah. Excited? A little. Turns out my endless poking and prodding, urging and reminding (and maybe a little of the threatening to bring out the voodoo dolls) actually worked. I’m pretty sure, by the phone conversations, email back and forth and Facebook messages I’ve had in the last two days, a large contingent of my immediate family will be cheering me on at the Finish LIne. And that alone, along with Mario and Lappiere cheering me on at different locales, will keep me going, and will surely, even if it kills me, have me finishing with a smile. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! Today has been all about the preparations, clothing preparations, mental preparations (getting your hair done fits in …

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Beaten physically, mentally and near fatally

So, do you think runners are like cats? Do we get nine lives too? After my last run I’m sure hoping so, because my one life is fast diminishing. Two weeks ago I was faced with a near miss as a pickup truck came screeching up behind my favourite running chick and I and proceeded to smash into a vehicle half a small condo distance away. Pretty scary right, but nothing compared to what happened to me on Saturday. At 25 km into my 29 km run, I was pretty beaten up physically and mentally, but I could still decipher between the walk signal and the bright red don’t-you-dare-cross-this-damn-street signal. So when I saw that hand, I waited, and waited, and waited. With my leg muscles flaring up and seizing, it felt like forever before that light changed, but being the good runner that I am, I waited. When finally …

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