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Run for Water: Crazy. Insane.

Today, I ran 1 hour and 35 minutes, just shy of 17 km. Not bad, but chump kilometres compared to this guy: Many of you long-time blog followers know him as Evil Pace Bunny, however, I have been in discussion with the lawyers and have started the paper work for his new name: Crazy, Insane, Evil Pace Bunny! Bunny started his day at 4 a.m. where he ran a half marathon, followed that up with an ultra marathon, then marathon, and will complete with 10 km and 5 km runs, to a total of 135 km for the day. 135 KMS!!! (At the time of writing this post, he was still running.) Now, you know the impetus for the name change. Yep, he stunk ­čśë The only organized portion of the run was the Run for Water Ultra Marathon, which Bunny also did last year and I think the year …

Run for Water: Crazy. Insane.

Run for Water: one year later

Oh how a year can change. This time last year I was cursing myself for signing up for the marathon, for torturing myself once again in something I didn’t quite enjoy the first time around. And this year, well, I wasn’t a marathoner, wasn’t a half marathoner, wasn’t even a runner. I was a 5k walker. We couldn’t let alien thumb sucker’s debut on the racing circuit go unnoticed now could we? One of the first questions Big Ring asked of me after I had crossed the finish line of today’s Run for Water was “How hard was it for you not to run?” It was a question my walking partner had also asked of me along the route. And you know, had I been on my own, trying to get through those 5 kilometres solo, it would have probably killed me. I mean, just seeing all the fair-weather runners …

Run for Water: one year later

Good Life. Good Time.

Ahh Onterrible, we had such hopes for you, high hopes, you teased us with a sunny forecast, balmy weather even, you told me to leave the sweaters at home, to pack my bags full of spring skirts and no-sleeved shirts, and so I did. And then, practically the second we landed down in your land, you turned on us with a crack of thunder and five full days of rain, and not warm rain, oh no, you were filling our boots full of bitter, cold, nasty, miserable rain. And so, dear Onterrible, you shall continue to be … TERRIBLE!!! (Side note: when we landed in Vancouver yesterday afternoon, the sun was hot and blinding, and the Onterrible layers were fast shedding!) Mario should NOT still be wearing his wool hat in May! Despite the rain, there were still some pretty great moments to be had visiting with Mario’s family, and …

Good Life. Good Time.